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Want to see proof of all the luck that was had on these fishing extravaganzas!?!?
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Here's how you can learn more about our members' boats and the great time can be had on a charter voyage.
Just click on any of the BOATS NAMES links below to see a Web page, or call the Captain at the number listed.

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After You Too

Capt. Frank Blume

(860) 608-7947

Capt. Kevin Bentley
(860) 442-7519

Right Hook

Capt. Bob Veach

(860) 917-8688

Capt. Rick Roy
(860) 917-5893
Capt. Brad Glas
(860) 535-2066
Capt. Paul Bengston
(860) 537-0307
Capt. Bruce Millar
(860) 235-6095
Playin' Hooky Capt. Bob DeMagistris (413) 529-0518
Capt. Doug Parker
(860) 430-4463

Helen III **

Capt. Preston Glas

(860) 460-8793

Capt. Andy McGurer
(860) 884-1702
Capt. Doug Luginbuhl
Valiant Lady Capt. Don Adams (860) 874-8719
* Party Boat  7 - 150 passengers
** 6 or more Charter Passengers

Capt. Robert Wadsworth
(860) 443-7259
Capt. Robert Wadsworth
(860) 443-7259
Capt. Randy Jacobson
(860) 437-9768

 Lucky Strike

Capt. Marc Berger

(860) 739-3535

Capt. Kerry Douton
(860) 739-7419
Capt. Harry Angier
(860) 227-0726
Capt. Paul Brockett
(860) 443-0663
Capt. Greg Dubrule
(860) 448-3662
Capt. John Wadsworth
(860) 428-7517
* Party Boat  7 - 150 passengers
** 6 or more Charter Passengers
*** Fly Fishing/Light Tackle 3 - 4 Passengers

      Capt. Tom McLoughin
(860) 536-6970
Capt. David Keeney
(860) 455-9942
Capt. Steve Burnett
(860) 572-9896
EMMA L  Capt. Arthur Burton   (401) 742-0438
*** Fly Fishing/Light Tackle 3 - 4 Passengers



Rock and Roll Capt. TJ Karbowski (203) 314-3765
Capt. Mike Marro
(877) 259-9920
Fish On *** Capt. John Dugay (203)-484-0784
FlyingConnie Capt. Mike Pirri (203)-515-1444
*** Fly Fishing/Light Tackle 3 - 4 Passengers

Capt. Frankie Lanzo
 (203) 246-6662
Capt. Lauren Griffith
(203) 550-5967
Capt. Brian Hocking
(203) 792-2277
* Party Boat  7 - 150 passengers



Reelentless Capt. Ed Noble (413) 229-2105

Rumrunner ***

 Capt. Ben Dougherty

(860) 307-2603

Capt. Paul Retano
(860) 388-5897
*** Fly Fishing/Light Tackle 3 - 4 Passengers

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Tips for Chartering a Boat

Do Your Homework
You are looking to have fun by going on a charter fishing trip! You have probably been out on your own boat or a friend's boat and don't have any luck or even perhaps you just want to pick up a few fishing tips. Many of you may even just be visiting the state and are looking for something fun and exciting to do.

Researching the variety of boats that are available for charter in Connecticut will assist you in a safe and enjoyable experience. The members of the Connecticut Charter and Party Boat Association are professionals. There are over 30 Charter boats in our organization and each boat and Captain are exceptional in their own way!

Be Smart - Hire a Professional
Doing some research up front will go along way in making sure that you have a great day on the water. There are several things to look for when choosing a Connecticut charter boat:
  1. The boat's captain should have a U.S. Coast Guard license.
  2. The boat should always be commercially documented.
  3. Boats that carry more than six passengers in one trip should have an annual certificate of inspection listing the maximum number of passengers it is legally allowed to carry.
  4. Make sure the boat is well-maintained.
  5. Ask for references, the crew should gladly recommend some folks who have been out on the water with them.
All boats that are members of the Connecticut Charter/Party Boat Association meet every one of the requirements listed above.

Inexperienced Anglers
It is very common in the charterboat business to have inexperienced anglers onboard. The Captain and mate of a Connecticut charter boat will school you on how to "play" a fish correctly, and how to bring it to the boat. There's nothing worse than having a nice big catch on the line, only to lose it when you're trying to reel it in. Your crew will help you return to the dock with quite a fish tale to tell!

Make Use of Your Crew's Experience
This is not your average trip out on the river with a rowboat and a box of worms. You're going charter fishing! The Captain of your boat will know his stuff. If you're a beginner, take the opportunity to find out about the variety of fish you'll be catching and the methods and tackle you'll be using. The most common methods of sportfishing are: light tackle casting, fly-fishing, trolling, drift fishing and fishing at anchor. The primary fishing season for the Connecticut charterboat fleet runs from May 15th till November 1st, with several boats starting their seasons a little earlier and ending them a bit later.

Be sure to ask your Captain what's biting and what's not. You do not want to arrive at the boat anticipating a terrific flounder fishing trip, only to learn that the flounder fishing season had been closed two weeks prior. The size limitations, legal seasons and bag limits are all posted on the Connecticut DEP website

While doing your research, Captains will offer their opinions and suggestions. Take this information very seriously. "Offshore" trips are more expensive than "Inshore" trips and you'll want to know exactly what to expect while onboard. Use our Captains knowledge and experience as a guide to planning your charter. A little bit of research can go a long way to insure you a trip that you'll remember forever!

The most common "Inshore" species caught are:
  • Striped Bass
  • Bluefish
  • Blackfish
  • Fluke (Summer Flounder)
  • Black Sea Bass
  • Porgies (Scup)
The most common "Offshore" species are:
  • Shark (Mako, Blue and Thresher)
  • Tuna (Bluefin, Yellowfin, Albacore and Big-Eye)
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Swordfish
  • Marlin (White and Blue)
Have Fun and Be Safe
Remember that you are out on the water to have a great time. You may not catch a lot of fish or come back with the biggest catch of the season, but you could wind up with something delicious for the dinner table! Having a good fishing experience also means not drinking too much alcohol. A passenger who drinks too much may not only spoil the trip for the group, but could possibly be a danger to others on board. Make sure you check with the Captain about his alcohol policy as each boat's may be different.

Things to Bring
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Sweatshirt
  • Motion Sickness Pills
  • Rain gear
  • Food and Beverages
  • Camera

Want to see proof of all the luck that was had on these fishing extravaganzaas!?!?
(Check out our photo gallery by clicking here now!)

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